True Linkedin Tips to Grow your Company Page

True Linkedin Tips to Grow your Company Page

Having a complete company profile (website URL, company size, industry, type, and location) are all important components in helping to make your Company Page look more legitimate and professional.

Legitimacy and professionalism are critical for brand image, and provides visitors with all the information they need to connect with your company when they’re ready.

2. Create a consistent posting schedule

According to LinkedIn, businesses that post at least once per month have been shown to gain followers 6X faster than those that don’t.

In addition, Company Pages with at least 150 followers typically get 5X more Company Page views than those with fewer followers!

You should aim to post at least once per week to your Company Page to keep your followers engaged (we post twice per week). To help you post consistently to your Company Page, set up a posting schedule so that you can easily schedule posts for your Page:

We’ve found that our LinkedIn content performs really well if we include the following:

  • Descriptive caption: Helps to provide people with extra context around your content
  • Eye-catching images: Clean, simple aesthetic helps your content to stand out
  • Hashtags: A great way to increase the visibility of your content to new audiences
  • Bonus: Add emojis, questions, and bullet points to switch up the look and feel of your content

Pro tip: Use RSS feeds

If you’re unsure what to post to LinkedIn, or if you’d like a steady stream of quality content, we suggest taking some time to add a few RSS feeds to your content inbox.

(Quick note: RSS feeds are only available in our paid plans).

We’ve been using RSS feeds in tandem with our LinkedIn marketing strategy for years and we’ve found that it provides us with a solid supply of content to share all the time. The key with RSS feeds is to customize the content  using some of the tips we shared above.

Try to avoid simply posting the headline and image provided with the article in the RSS feed. The same best-practices that you implement when posting your own quality content also apply to curated content shared on LinkedIn.

3. Re-Buffer your top content

If you find that your business is running out of content ideas, we recommend to (sparingly) re-share, or Re-Buffer, your top posts from the past. Due to sophisticated social media algorithms, it’s likely that only a very small percentage (2-6%) of your followers have seen your posts in the LinkedIn Feed.

If you have a backlog of successful social media content, it’s likely that the content will perform well again in the future.

You can find your top posts under the analytics section on your Buffer dashboard. Select your Posts Report and click “Most Popular”.


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